Brand Endorsements

Campaigns that command attention

Go beyond your typical sponsored posts with campaigns that allow me to become a part of your brand.

Influencer Endorsement

How does it work?

Rather than hiring models or actors, you’ll get added bang for buck by featuring me in your brand-produced content.

I only partner with brands I genuinely value and respect, and my followers know this.

With a large, loyal following across various mediums, I expose your brand to new markets while adding credibility to your product or service, skyrocketing reach, awareness and trust.

Social Reach

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Campaign Enhancements

Make your product or service one of my favourites listed in Sev’s Favourite Things. The listing is promoted on my website and included in my TikTok bio, exposed to millions of users.

Spark Ads allow you to sponsor TikTok organic content that I post to my profile, expanding a post’s reach.

I can promote, attend or broadcast experiential events, maximising the hype surrounding your event and extending its message beyond its attendees.

Spark more interest by providing giveaways, like merchandise or vouchers, which has the added benefit of driving demand for your merch.

My work speaks for itself

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